Klifur 1&2 hefst 21. október

17/10/2018 - Birtist í: Klifurhúsið

Klifur 1&2 hefst 21. október

Nýtt Klifur 1 & 2 námskeið hefst 21. október

Skráning og nánari upplýsingar má finna HÉR

New Klifur 1 & 2 course is starting on the 21. of October

Registration and more info HERE

  1. Hello I’m Lily, I’m new in Iceland and I would love to start practicing climbing, I did some years ago and I loved it but never went through it again. But I have some questions! The price is 26.000 kr per month right? How long do the courses last and if I didn’t start the 21fst of october when could I start again?Thank youo very much

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