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The Climbing Association

of Reykjavík

Attention: from June 10 to August 17, summer opening hours apply!

Klifurhúsið – Ármúli 23 and 21

Adults and teenagers above 13 years old are all welcome at our bouldering gym in Ármúli 23. The gym is equipped with a lifting and stretching area, two spray walls and a Moonboard 2016. We are open 11.30 to 22 from mondays to thursdays, 11.30 to 21 on fridays and 12 to 18 weekends. For day passes, subscriptions and memberships see here.

For children under 13 years old, Klifurhúsið has a family area in Ármúli 21 for them to climb under their guardians’ supervision. The family area is open according to the first timetable here under “Krakkaklifur”. You can order a timeslot here: [open July 22nd]
Instructions for KrakkaKlifur in english.

The competition training area in Ármúli 21 is open to card-holding members only, and is reserved for national team training between 18 and 20 on thursdays and fridays, and between 12 and 15 on weekends.

Miðgarður – Vetrarbraut 18

Climbers with a valid belaying license (from KSÍ or any other recognised climbing federation) are welcome to our 13m sports climbing wall in Miðgarður. For day passes, subscriptions and memberships see here.
It is important to note that there is no auto-belay, rental nor pre-set toprope lines: all climbers are expected to bring their own equipment.

Information about the belaying license exam from KSÍ is available in english here.


Outdoor climbing in Iceland

We are kindly asking all climbers enjoying sports climbing area in Iceland to pay the bolting fund, which is 2500 isk per person and per year.
The bolting fund helps cover the cost of bolts and anchors for area maintenance and development, as well as the maintenance of the shared facilities at Hnappavellir. Once the fee is paid, the climber receives the access code for the Hnappavellir hut. It is possible to pay at our service desk in Ármúli 23, or to pay through transfer at:
IBAN: IS70 0111 2610 0404 4103 0238 10
Please register the transfer under the name BOLTASJ.

It is also possible to rent crash pads and purchase sports climbing, trad climbing and bouldering topos at our service desk, and we always recommend getting general advice from local climbers!

Courses, birthdays, groups,…

Adult courses and belaying exams are available in English upon request (for more on sports climbing courses see here and here; for more on bouldering courses see here and here), and our coaches can welcome and support children in English in our kids and teenagers courses. General information for children’s courses is found here, and information about our summer courses is found here.

We offer the family area in Ármúli 21 for birthdays, with a maximum capacity of 25 children (recommended max 20), for a fixed price of 21 900 isk. The available timeslots are visible here under “Afmæli”, and they are booked through this: [open July 22nd]
Instructions for children’s birthdays in English.
We also welcome private groups. Details are negotiated on a case by case basis.
All group bookings other than children’s birthdays go through email (klifurhusid@klifurhusid.is) or phone call (533 9455) over office hours on week days, from 10.30 to 16.

Who are we ? What do we do?

Established in 2002, the Climbing Association of Reykjavík (KFR) is a sports club and member of the reykjavík Sports Clubs Association (ÍBR), and which is responsible for the operation of Klifurhúsið. The aim of Klifurhúsið is to offer good training facilities and a welcoming space for the climbing community of Iceland all year round.

Beyond activities related to Klifurhúsið, KFR also oversees the development and maintenance of outdoor climbing areas in Iceland, and offers courses and training groups for all ages and levels. As a member of the Icelandic Climbing Federation (KSÍ), KFR hosts and supports the national Icelandic climbing team, and regularly sends members to Nordic, European and International competitions.

For any further enquiries please contact klifurhusid@klifurhusid.is