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Climbskin gel

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Bólgueyðandi og verkjastillandi gel frá Climbskin fyrir þreytta vöðva og liðamót.

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Gelið frá Climbskin er framleitt úr hágæða hráefnum til að vinna á móti bólgum og verkjum í vöðvum og liðamótum. Það er virkilega sterk mentól lykt af því svo ekki láta ykkur bregða við fyrstu notkun!

Frá framleiðandanum:

The ingredients help to recover from muscular, sinewy and joint lesions throughout the treatment phases.
Especially suitable for sport lesions, arthropathies, contusions as well as speeding and optimizing tissue recovery after intense training or competition climbing sessions.

We manufacture under the BPF (Good manufacturing practices according to ISO 22716 rule).
Climbskin hand cream is registered in CPNP, the European Portal under which and according to the new 1223/2009 regulation all the cosmetics within the European Union must be registered.
Patch Test: 0% skin irritability
Challenge Test: micro-biological test that determines whether the cream may suffer alterations due to pathogenic (fungi and bacteria) once the recipient has been opened. Climbskin hand cream has overcome the test with a 100% effectiveness.
Stability test: the cream has been exposed to temperature changes (between -10º C and 45º C) to test the product´s response to extreme conditions. The results reveal that, under normal conditions, the cream is perfectly stable for 2 years before the recipient has been opened, and for 6 months after having been opened and in normal use conditions.
On the 11th of
July 2013 the new European Parliament and Council 1223/2009 rule (CE) on cosmetic products came into force as of 30th November 2009. From that day on, all European Union member states follow the same rules when it comes to manufacturing and commercializing cosmetic products.
Climbskin Hand Crema has followed these rules since its conception.