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Storm lína 9,8mm 70m

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STORM 9.8 / L3040GA
Single rope with great balance in weight, durability and use. Perfect choice for all-round climbing.

  • narrow diameter and higher UIAA fall rating (UIAA falls 9) help you
    to improve your climbing achievements
  • this rope provides great handling, low-weight and high durability
  • the rope is very compact, durable and pleasant to use
  • ideal for all-round climbing, training hard routes and RP ascents
  • thermotransfer end marking
  • ultrasonic ending
  • middle marking
  • overview of the available lengths
Weight65 g/m
Diameter9.8 mm
Number of falls9
Dynamic elongation35 %
Static elongation7.9 %
Impact force9.1 kN