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Táfýlusprey Friendly Foot

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Táfýlusprey sem eyðir táfýlu á aðeins nokkrum skiptum. Heldur skónnum þínum ferskum í lengri tíma.

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  • YOUR SHOES WILL NEVER SMELL AGAIN.  Lose the odor, NOT the shoe. Worried about your heavily used smelly shoes? FF gets to the root of the problem and eliminates all bacteria that creates the funk.
  • ALL NATURAL AND VEGAN FRIENDLY. Our ingredients are USDA Organic, friendly to your feet and the environment.
  • HOW IT WORKS. Each natural ingredient is known for their powerful punch in eliminating all things that create the funk! Our spray is formulated to eradicate the source of fowl odors and not just cover it up.
  • FOR ALL OCCASIONS. If you put shoes on your feet, we’ve got you covered. Whether your running, climbing, walking, on the dance floor, at the beach, gym or on your feet all day, say goodbye to shoe odor forever! Perfect for your sandals, flip flops, dress shoes and minimalist shoes with thin fabric!
  • MADE IN THE USA. We are family owned and operated. A labor of love to make sure you remain funk free. Buying from Friendly Foot gives you 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not satisfied we’ll make it right.